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You Belong Here
Vivienne Hsu and Meena Sankaran
Porcia Chen Silverberg interviews Vivienne Hsu and Meena Sankaran about their respective non profit work and their American experience as a immigrant.
Airs On Channel
Sun, Apr 21st 9:00am 28
Sun, Apr 21st 6:00pm 28
You Belong Here
Maria Salamanca, Senior Associate, Unshackled Ventures, and I talk about our immigrant experience and belonging.
Airs On Channel
Mon, Apr 22nd 5:30am 28
Mon, Apr 22nd 10:00am 75
Tue, Apr 23rd 2:00pm 28
Wed, Apr 24th 5:00am 28
Thu, Apr 25th 6:00am 28
Thu, Apr 25th 11:00am 28
You Belong Here
Porcia Chen Silverberg interviews two immigrant women on Their American Dreams, learning to Embrace your heritage, and finding yourself at ideological odds with other immigrants.
Airs On Channel
Tue, Apr 23rd 12:30am 75
You Belong Here
Airs On Channel
Sun, Apr 21st 5:34am 28
Wed, Apr 24th 2:30pm 75