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You Belong Here
This episode features two Vietnamese refugees who were part of the first ever US delegation to Vietnam. They traveled with President Clinton, Hillary Clinton, and daughter Chelsea Clinton, among 100+ officials and business leaders. They also helped to create the first ever Vietnamese American conference in Silicon Valley and the Silicon Valley Vietnamese Network.
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Mon, Nov 2nd 5:30am 28
Wed, Nov 4th 11:30am 28
You Belong Here
"You Belong Here" is a celebration of immigrant woman telling their stories, granting insight, and explaining their "American Dream."
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Mon, Nov 2nd 10:00am 75
Tue, Nov 3rd 12:30am 75
Wed, Nov 4th 2:30pm 75
Thu, Nov 5th 6:00am 28
Thu, Nov 5th 11:00am 28
Thu, Nov 5th 6:30pm 28