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Future Talk
Nanotechnology and Cellular Biology
Nicholas Melosh, Associate Professor of Materials Science and Engineering at Stanford University, Director of the Melosh Research Group, and Director of the Stanford Nanofabrication Center, discusses the interface between nanotechnology and cellular biology, including nanostraws that can add material to, or remove material from, individual cells without damaging them, and brain to machine interfaces that can give us a much greater understanding of brain activity than ever before.
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Thu, Feb 21st 10:00pm 30
Fri, Feb 22nd 5:00am 30
Fri, Feb 22nd 2:00pm 30
Sat, Feb 23rd 11:30am 30
Sat, Feb 23rd 6:30pm 30
Mon, Feb 25th 8:00pm 30
Tue, Feb 26th 3:00am 30
Tue, Feb 26th 12:00pm 30
Tue, Feb 26th 5:30pm 30
Thu, Feb 28th 10:00pm 30
Fri, Mar 1st 5:00am 30
Fri, Mar 1st 2:00pm 30
Sat, Mar 2nd 11:30am 30
Sat, Mar 2nd 6:30pm 30