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Future Talk
The People Centered Economy
THE PEOPLE CENTERED ECONOMY A discussion of how to deal with the economic disruptions caused by modern technology, particularly in the area of employment, by changing corporate attitudes toward employees, and teaching employees how to create greater value in their jobs. The guests are Curt Carlson, former President and CEO of SRI International and currently founder and CEO of Practice of Innovation, a consulting company that advises governments and corporations around the world how to get more value from their employees, and David Nordfors, cofounder of Innovation for Jobs, a think tank that seeks to create new types of jobs and prepare people to fill them, coauthor of the book "The People Centered Economy" and currently a distinguished visiting scholar at IBM Research. Martin Wasserman hosts.
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Thu, Aug 22nd 10:00pm 30
Fri, Aug 23rd 5:00am 30
Fri, Aug 23rd 4:00pm 30
Sat, Aug 24th 11:30am 30
Sat, Aug 24th 6:30pm 30
Mon, Aug 26th 8:00pm 30
Tue, Aug 27th 3:00am 30
Tue, Aug 27th 12:00pm 30
Tue, Aug 27th 5:30pm 30
Thu, Aug 29th 10:00pm 30
Fri, Aug 30th 5:00am 30
Fri, Aug 30th 4:00pm 30
Sat, Aug 31st 11:30am 30
Sat, Aug 31st 6:30pm 30