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Of Sound Mind 4
Talking About Parkinson's Disease
Airs On Channel
Wed, Jan 29th 9:30am 28
Sun, Feb 2nd 12:30pm 28
Mon, Feb 3rd 3:30am 28
Of Sound Mind
Let's Talk About Dementia
Of Sound Mind "Let's Talk About Dementia" takes a deeper look into dementia. Examining the signs of dementia, including what a doctor looks for when you bring him or her concerns about your memory.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Jan 29th 1:00pm 75
Thu, Jan 30th 2:30am 75
Fri, Jan 31st 2:00am 75
Fri, Jan 31st 7:00pm 75
Of Sound Mind
Healthy Cognitive Aging
Airs On Channel
Sat, Feb 1st 9:00pm 28
Sat, Feb 8th 9:00pm 28
Of Sound Mind
Caregiving for dementia
In this final episode, we talk about caregiving for someone with dementia. We examine the current research on caregiver stress and intervention, talk about what's in store for the future, and speak with someone who has cared for a family member with Alzheimer's Disease about her experience.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Feb 5th 9:30am 28
Of Sound Mind
Healthy Brain
Airs On Channel
Wed, Feb 5th 1:00pm 75
Fri, Feb 7th 2:00am 75
Fri, Feb 7th 7:00pm 75