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Yoga For Health and Joy
Leg Muscles .2
Patricia shows poses to develop tight leg muscles.
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Sat, Sep 21st 5:30am 75
Sat, Sep 28th 5:30am 75
Yoga for Health and Joy
Hip Mobility
Yoga for Greater Hip Mobility - For people who sit or drive too much. Doing these yoga stretches will relieve tightness and stiffness and make it easier to walk. Practicing these yoga poses will improve posture, stability of your spine, and even help your lower back feel better as well. Regular Hip Openers will give you greater range of motion.
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Sat, Sep 21st 3:00pm 28
Sat, Sep 28th 3:00pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Love Your Body Like You Love Your Garden! This sequence designed for gardeners, but it's also for hikers, bikers and runners. Practice along to increase healing circulation and harmony to your hips, hamstrings, inner and outer knee, oblique and abdominal muscles Learn more at
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Sun, Sep 22nd 4:00am 28
Yoga for a Health and Joy
Yoga for a Healthy Back
Professional Yoga Instructor Patricia Becker teaches stretches for strengthening and improving back health in the new Yoga for Health and Joy Series
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Wed, Sep 25th 6:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Stress Relief
Learn poses and stretches to calm the mind reduce anxiety and relax the nervous system with Professional Yoga Instructor Patricia Becker.
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Wed, Sep 25th 5:30pm 28