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Yoga for Health and Joy
Alignment Basics
Alignment Basics! Yoga for Alignment and Balance.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Nov 30th 6:00pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Spinal Health with Yoga
Patricia guides the audience through moves and poses designed for spine and back health.
Airs On Channel
Wed, Nov 30th 6:30pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Yoga At Your Desk
Yoga at Your Desk Keep your sanity, health and joy with a job that requires sitting at a desk. These essential effective moves will help you get a mental breather and make sure your neck, back, arms, hips and wrists remain in good working order.
Airs On Channel
Thu, Dec 1st 9:00am 28
Yoga For Health And Joy
How To Start Yoga
Patricia demonstrates techniques to show how people new to yoga could get started.
Airs On Channel
Sat, Dec 3rd 5:31am 75
Sat, Dec 3rd 6:00am 75
Sat, Dec 10th 5:31am 75
Sat, Dec 10th 6:00am 75