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Yoga for Health and Joy
Good Digestion
Yoga for Better Digestion - If you experience indigestion, acid reflux, bloating, or stomach pain; this yoga practice is for YOU. Learn a few or all of these poses as your reliable self-healing "GoTo remedies" FREE 24/7! Smooth digestion is essential for health, joy and longevity. Digestion begins with chewing, so chew well.
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Thu, Oct 28th 9:00am 28
Thu, Nov 4th 9:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Restful Sleep
Yoga for Restful Sleep - Here for you, is a powerful relaxing breath routine, decompressing stretches and restorative poses to help you get a good nights sleep. Come back to this class often in the evening and join along to have a restful sleep and wake up feeling calm, capable and positive. Learn More at
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Wed, Oct 27th 11:30am 28
Wed, Oct 27th 12:00pm 28
Wed, Oct 27th 6:00pm 28
Wed, Oct 27th 6:30pm 28
Sat, Oct 30th 5:30am 75
Sat, Oct 30th 6:00am 75
Tue, Nov 2nd 12:30am 28
Tue, Nov 2nd 1:00am 28
Tue, Nov 2nd 9:00am 28
Tue, Nov 2nd 4:00pm 28
Wed, Nov 3rd 6:00am 28
Wed, Nov 3rd 11:30am 28
Wed, Nov 3rd 6:00pm 28
Tue, Nov 9th 12:30am 28
Tue, Nov 9th 1:00am 28
Tue, Nov 9th 9:00am 28
Tue, Nov 9th 4:00pm 28
Wed, Nov 10th 6:00am 28
Wed, Nov 10th 11:30am 28
Wed, Nov 10th 6:00pm 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Hip Mobility
Yoga for Greater Hip Mobility - For people who sit or drive too much. Doing these yoga stretches will relieve tightness and stiffness and make it easier to walk. Practicing these yoga poses will improve posture, stability of your spine, and even help your lower back feel better as well. Regular Hip Openers will give you greater range of motion.
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Sun, Oct 31st 3:00am 28
Sun, Nov 7th 3:00am 28
Yoga for Health and Joy
Gentle Yoga For Joy
Gentle Yoga for Health Relieve tightness from joint and muscles in this Gentle Yoga for Joy class! Rejuvenating and stretching the body at a slower pace will help you feel more freedom. Increase your range of motion, alleviate stress, and create more flexibility. The more you practice the better you feel!
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Wed, Nov 3rd 6:30am 28
Wed, Nov 3rd 12:00pm 28
Wed, Nov 3rd 6:30pm 28
Sat, Nov 6th 5:30am 75
Sat, Nov 6th 6:00am 75
Wed, Nov 10th 6:30am 28
Wed, Nov 10th 12:00pm 28
Wed, Nov 10th 6:30pm 28