Searching for the Lotus Born Master, in Studio Film Screening

By Eva Barrows
National Geographic explorer and China expert, Laurence Brahm spoke and answered questions at the screening of his new documentary film “Searching for the Lotus Born Master – Eight Manifestations of Quantum Energy” held at the Midpen Media Center on December 18th. The documentary follows Brahm’s expedition crew as they retrace the 8th-century journey the Lotus Born Master, the founder of Tibetan Buddhism, took through the Himalayas. The team interviews Tibetan monks, scholars, and technology innovators to understand the quantum energy field behind each of the eight manifestations the Lotus Born Master underwent on his historic journey.

“Searching for the Lotus Born Master” has won several awards including the 2018 Los Angeles Film Awards and 2018 Canada Golden Film Festival. If you missed the Midpen Media Center screening, Shambhala Studios is hosting an exclusive official online premiere. Visit their website to view the full movie.

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