Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals Working Meeting

September 1st, 2016


1. Remarks form Alternates to Select Committee



2. Follow-up to August 18 Select Committee Discussions

a. FAA Feasibility List: Requests/Recommendations to Forward to the Members of Congress: Feasibility Groups 2 and 6



3. Discussion of Process Issues Previously Identified by Select Committee

a. Before/After Modeling and Monitoring

b. Compliance

c. Other



4. FAA Presentation and Discussion of Other Solutions Previously Identified by Select Committee

a. Airbus A320 Aircraft Family Wake Vortex Generators Retrofit



b. Overnight Flights



c. Modify BRIXX Procedure into San Jose International Airport



d. San Jose International Airport Reverse Flow: Aircraft Arrivals

e. Modify NRRLI Waypoint on the First Leg of SERFR

f. Return to Pre-NextGen Procedures, Altitudes, and Concentration

g. Increase All Altitude

h. Establish Smaller and More Numerous Altitude Control Windows on the new SERFR Arrival

i. Increase Altitude and Profile of Descents into SFO


One thought on “Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals Working Meeting

  1. Hannalore Dietrich

    Hon. Simitian:

    Thank you very much for looking into mitigating the increased number of planes that fly over the city of Sunnyvale. Sunnyvale has been a mecca for growth and development, and increased air traffic would reduce the quality of life in Sunnyvale.


    Hannalore Dietrich


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