Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals Working Meeting

September 29th, 2016


1. Follow-up to September 1 Select Committee Discussions

a. Process Issues

b. Other Solutions Previously Identified by Select Committee



2. FAA Presentation and Discussion of Other Solutions Previously Identified by the Select Committee

a. Northern Arrivals (BDEGA) into SFO



b. Woodside VORTAC (Navigational Beacon)



c. MENLO Waypoint



d. Aircraft Vectoring



e. Herringbone Approach to SFO Arrivals



f. Fan in Overseas Arrivals (OCEANIC) into SFO

g. Redirect Southern Arrivals to an Eastern Approach into SFO



3. Follow-up Feasibility Group 2: Transition the SERFR STAR back to the BSR Ground Track Prior to EPICK

4. Next Steps

5. Adjournment

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