Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals Working Meeting

November 3rd, 2016


1. Follow-up to Prior Select Committee Requests

a. City of Foster City Presentation (Hindi)

b. Pre- and Post-NextGen, Arrivals into SFO (Wengert)

c. SFO Opposite Flow (Gee)

d. Forecast of SFO Arrivals (Moody)



2. Review of Discussion Draft V.1. (released October 20, 2016), Select Committee on South Bay Arrivals

a. Potential Criteria/Principles

b. Item 1.2 Transition the SERFR STAR Back to the BSR Ground Track Prior to EPICK

c. Item 2.10 Modify BRIXX Procedure into San Jose International Airport

d. Identification of Potential Consent Items and/or Minor Amendments

e. Other



3. Next Steps

4. Adjournment

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