Set Yourself Up for Startup Success

By Eva Barrows

Inspiration strikes, and you’re excited to build a business of your own. But when you begin to think about where to get started and how to find financing for your new enterprise, apprehension may slow your progress. Stanford Continuing Studies course (BUS 11 W) “How to Build Successful Startups: Learn Lessons Straight from Silicon Valley Entrepreneurs” led by instructor John Kelley, co-founder of OnRisk, introduces students to successful entrepreneurs who share their experience and advice from lessons learned initiating their startups.

Kelley was recently in studio recording eight interviews with Silicon Valley CEOs, founders, and top executives with the Midpen Media Pro Services team. The interviews are core elements of the upcoming online course set to start on January 21st. “The key premise of BUS 11 W,” says Kelley, “is that building a successful startup is more of an art than a science. Entrepreneurs seeking to launch a new startup would be wise to learn from the experiences and insights of entrepreneurs who have built successful companies.”

In answer to the many urgent questions new entrepreneurs have, the Silicon Valley innovators Kelley interviews reveal their strategies for creating successful startups. One such startup is Stache, co-founded by CEO Michael Anderson, a platform that connects people looking for storage space with people in proximity with available space to rent out. Co-founder and CEO Neerav Berry of Payplant, an on-demand invoice financing service for businesses, speaks with Kelley, and so does Astia VP Mary McDougall. Astia provides venture capital and startup support for innovative, women-led, high-potential companies.

If you’ve been fostering a startup idea, this course’s wealth of information, expertise, and real-world wisdom may be what you need to gather the necessary courage to launch your business.