Singer Curt Yagi on Today Show Monday!


In May 2009, award winning LOCAL singer/songwriter CURT YAGI appeared on American Songwriter with his band, The People Standing Behind Me. We are really proud and excited to hear that Curt will be a guest at 7 am on NBC’s Today Show this Monday, June 21. NBC will actually be profiling the non-profit that Curt runs Real Options for City Kids (R.O.C.K.) and we’re keeping our fingers crossed that they will showcase some of his music. Curt’s music is really informed by his deep love for the kids he works with and his commitment to his family and community. The very first song he sang “Take Me Away” on our show last year was inspired by the R.O.C.K. kids and his desire to provide safe and character building activities for them. I love the lyric : “a place with no border, love creates order, it’s so clear to me.”

So tune in and support our local guy making good – 7 am NBC Today Show – Monday, June 21st.

American Songwriter with Curt Yagi

American Songwriter | MySpace Video

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