Solutions to Global Warming on “The Michael Killen Report”

By Eva Barrows

Greenhouse gas emissions need to come down eighty percent by mid-century to decrease global warming, says Dr. Lynn Orr, former Under Secretary for Science and Energy, US Department of Energy on “The Michael Killen Report.” Michael Killen, talk show host and artist interviews Dr. Orr to dig into climate change solutions.

Dr. Orr touches on some surprising sources of greenhouse gas emissions. As Under Secretary, he studied what went wrong at the Aliso Canyon natural gas storage site in Southern California. The facility was the source of the largest methane gas leak ever to happen in the U.S. Dr. Orr briefly mentions Centralia Pennsylvania’s underground coal fire that’s been burning for 60 years and continues to admit harmful gasses. These unusual events coupled with everyday fossil fuel use contribute to global warming.

Killen and Dr. Orr discuss California’s transition to a clean energy economy operating on renewable energy. Half of California’s electricity is already coming from low greenhouse gas emitting methods says, Dr. Orr. The California Action Plan 2018 outlines a portfolio of solutions that other states and countries can put into action to improve their emission levels as well. Dr. Orr tells Killen that Californians should compete in, serve and lead the way in the clean energy market.

To find out more about Dr. Orr’s work at the DOE, Stanford and his thoughts on the emerging clean energy economy watch “The Michael Killen Report.”

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