Southern Recipes Revealed — if we reach election fundraising goals!

Becky and Elliot are serious when it comes to creating non-partisan election programming for our community.  This fall there are not only important seats up for grabs after new districting, but issues like medicinal marijuana are sure to be in hot contention.  So we set up a fund-raising campaign.  The campaign ends Monday and so far we have only netted about one-tenth or fundraising goal.   So we have decided to host a party at Becky’s house for donors should we meet our goal!

Because this is important, Becky is willing to share two tried and true recipes from her heritage – mint juleps which can be made at any strength and an amazing recipe for strawberry shortcake that was handed down from Lucy Luck Neal who wore 9 dresses when the Union soldiers came so that they wouldn’t take her clothes for bandages.  She buried the family silver in a chest twenty paces from the dogwood tree and played the piano forte for a stream of war weary union officers who bivouacked in her family home in Chatham, Virgina.  She was quite a lady and did not reveal her strawberry shortcake recipe to anyone outside the family.

And if southern tastings aren’t enough to lure your donation, Elliot will be engaging in some kind of yet to be announced performance art.  So stay tuned!

Wouldn’t you like to experience Lucy Luck Neal’s strawberry shortcake and be entertained by Elliot?   Let’s rally round the MC election campaign, crowd-fund the effort and have a party to celebrate.  That’s how important we feel this programming is.   Thank you for your support!

Follow this link to make your donation and to be added to the guest list!

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