Sports Fields Cause A Ruckus at Planning Commission Meeting. If You Missed It, Watch It Here!


Sue Dremann of the Palo Alto Weekly wrote an excellent article about last night’s EPA Planning Commission Meeting where the commission voted 4-1 to approve $3 million for sports fields named in honor of slain police officer Richard May. This was an often heated, and highly charged emotional debate. Here is a link to Sue’s great article. If after reading her article you would like to watch the meeting, we have that available this weekend on Channel 29:
Friday Night 7 pm
Saturday Morning 11 am
Sunday Night 7 pm
The meetings can also be watched over our website at the appointed times. If you have AT&T U-verse run over to Channel 99 to their local access portal and look for Palo Alto Channel 29!
To see the complete list of City Council Meetings and Government Committee Meetings that we bring to you live and via replay from our five town, two county service area, please visit our government schedule pages. If you have questions about a particular meeting, check in with Dave (

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