Spotlight: Brian Kraker

Many of our staff members have spent the past few weeks praising Brian Kraker’s exceptional work around our building. We want to keep the good vibes rolling, so Special Projects Manager Emily Parent and Marketing Intern Evan Warren interviewed Brian on his experiences at Midpen Media Center and beyond. You can listen below.


Brian Kraker: My name is Brian Kraker, and I, I’m from San Jose, and I worked at the Media Center for almost 5 years now.

What brought me here was interning, and crewing – volunteering – and I wanted to expand and work with City Hall video operating, and-

… More collaboration. Just, rather than just doing all, you know, studio production.

My favorite part of working here at Media Center is, all, you know, all the people I get to work with, and everybody’s just so, helpful and friendly and easygoing, just, y’know.

I like helping people, but I like helping empowering and make their lives easier […] basically. Yeah, helping people is very important, too.

I like what Midpen’s doing with bringing in the Discord, that, I think that’s gonna help out producers, and bring on just new people to the Media Center, and another way to branch out.

Uh, it’s gonna sound kinda cliche, but basically just don’t give up. Just keep, y’know, no matter what you do, I think like, keep on trying to improve – and I think the hardest part is taking that first step and trying something new.