SRI Looks at our Energy Future

One of the biggest problems facing the world today is how to find enough energy to power our ever expanding industrial economy in a way that’s affordable, sustainable and environmentally clean. One of the leaders in clean energy research is SRI International, former known as the Stanford Research Institute, and today one of the top independent research organizations in the world.

This month’s Future Talk features two guests from SRI, Barbara Heydorn and Ripudaman Malhotra. Barbara Heydorn is Director of the Center of Excellence in Energy at SRI, where she develops the strategy that links SRI’s research and development capabilities to the needs of the marketplace. She helps put together multidisciplinary teams with people both inside and outside of SRI to tackle complex energy issues.

Ripudaman Malhotra is a research fellow at SRI, which is one of the highest designations given there, and he’s also Associate Director of SRI’s Chemical Science and Technology Laboratory. He studies ways to make more efficient use of conventional fuels such as oil, coal and natural gas, and is the co-author of the recent book, “A Cubic Mile of Oil”.

The show also features a video of a new material created at SRI which is able to convert the motion of ocean waves into electricity, and the guests give a good overview of today’s energy problems and some of the possible solutions.

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