Stories of Black Neighbors in Palo Alto

The Palo Alto Historical Association’s (PAHA) 2002 production “Heritage Sharing Our Lives: Black Neighbors of Palo Alto” is airing this month on channel 30. The near 20-year old footage of area residents sharing stories about how their families came to live in Palo Alto reaches back into the community’s collective memory to the early 1900s. Show host Sarah Boyd narrates the timeline of Black migration within the U.S. from slavery, the Gold Rush, and the Great Depression through WWII. She notes that Black people find spiritual and community strength together, which led to the founding of Palo Alto churches like the University AME Zion Church. Work opportunities were often limited to the service industry and access to home loans were difficult to secure. “Sharing Our Lives” highlights just some of the pioneering Black residents who were able to find success and stability for themselves and their families in Palo Alto.

Heritage Sharing Our Lives: Black Neighbors in Palo Alto on Channel 30

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