Storytelling Workshops………Providing Your “Missing Link”

Are you a team leader or a manager at work? Are you wishing for deeper connections at your place of worship, your book club, or your advocacy group? Storytelling may be the missing link…..the connector material that strengthens your community and unleashes your Group-Power.

“Storytelling: ‘I Y’am What I Y’am!” is a new workshop at the Media Center that will draw from your own life palette as you create and present a story that sprouts from your core. Combining partner exercises and group sharing the workshop culminates in a story exchange that is poignant, validating, and even road-worthy.

Instructor Elliot Margolies began training “civilian storytellers” as part of a media center news-show in 2001 – 03. Every episode included one personal “Video – Diary” mixed into the more traditional news packages. Over the past five years Margolies has been coaching storytellers for public events held at community centers and in the Media Center studio – mostly focused on immigration stories. He also works with Arina Isaacson co-facilitating story workshops at corporations and the UC Berkeley Haas School of Business.

The 3-hour workshop debuts twice in November. Register here.

Storyteller example:

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