Studio Class Features Calming Tai Chi

By Eva Barrows

Looking for a volunteer opportunity in video production, Leslie Yang signed up to take Midpen Media’s Studio Production Basics workshop to prepare for future crew roles. The first day of training covered camera work, during which the class of five spent time both behind and in front of the camera. Yang decided to do some tai chi moves when it was her turn to be in front of the camera. Her slo-mo movements stuck with her classmates and would become the subject of their class finale studio show “Totally Tai Chi.”

The workshop covered the full process of recording a studio show and the function of each crew role. “I got the whole picture of making a thirty-minute video,” says Yang. Now she understands and fully appreciates what goes into creating a show.

When it came to filming the final product, Yang and the crew felt they were in good hands with David Simon as the workshop’s lead instructor. “David is very experienced. We have confidence in him.” The student crew’s preparation and support from Midpen staff left them excited to try out their new production skills.

Yang took on the role of producer because her tai chi movements inspired the show’s topic. She enlisted the help of friends to refer her to a few local tai chi instructors who might be interested in being featured on the show. Tai chi instructor Lily Li and her students became the talent and subject of the show. Li was interviewed by host Patricia Becker in between tai chi demonstrations. Moving from interview to demonstration set provided challenges for the camera crew to work out. Producer Yang worked with the on-screen talent to help them feel comfortable throughout the show.

Now that they have the necessary experience, Yang and her classmates are ready to volunteer and crew for Midpen Media studio shows.
You can train to become a volunteer too! Sign up for an upcoming Studio Production Basics workshop.