Summer Appeal

Do you ever think about how powerful media-making access really is? My name is Emily Parent and I’ve been a media educator for the past six years. My passion for media-making brought me to Midpen Media — our shared passion for changing lives and empowering our local creative community bonds us and fuels every project we take on. Making media has the power to change lives. Learning to capture video with a camera, edit sound, and distribute work using online tools gives creators the power to control the narrative surrounding their communities and identities and empowers them to create their own representation.

Midpen Media provides local creators like you and me with the skills and resources to connect with our communities and document our experiences in an authentic, human, and accessible way. With your support, we can expand the ways we enable local artists and activists to be heard, make a change, and shape the narrative of our community in such a way that we all can see ourselves reflected back in a real and honest way.

Donate today to enable even more local creators to share their voice with their friends and family, their communities, and the world. No gift is too small: just $1 covers the cost of printing a Zine, $25 buys a video recording card, and $100 underwrites a youth studio show!

written by Emily Parent.