SummersChOOL To Stream Over Our FACEBOOK pages Tonight!

Tonight, the Media Center is sending the kids off to school with an open mic night before school starts on Tuesday. We have headliner band Hero’s Last Mission playing after a bunch of our local kids perform a variety of acts.

An exciting thing about tonight is that we will be attempting (all tests have succeeded thus far) to stream it live over our FACEBOOK page and that’s both of them. We have a friend page (Palo Altomediacenter) and a Fan page (Media Center). When you hit either page click on the “ustream” tab near the top and you should be able to see it going down. It doesn’t start until 7:30 pm but if you tune in sooner you may be able to see us setting up! Wow, how fun is that!
Anyway, if you can’t make it down to this free event be sure to tune in via our Facebook page.

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