Supporting Peninsula Communities on “The Michael Killen Report”

By Eva Barrows

During the August episode of “The Michael Killen Report,” host Michael Killen interviews a local government representative and the founder of a local non-profit, both seeking to support their community members. Menlo Park City Council Woman, Kirsten Keith talks about some of her priorities for the city. A percentage of new housing units are being designated as affordable housing for veterans and seniors in Menlo Park. New housing units going up near Facebook are cutting back on commutes and easing pollution. Along with housing initiatives, Keith is also tackling a range of transportation issues. She is shepherding the Dumbarton Rail Corridor project, a new commute option connecting the East Bay to the Peninsula. She is committed to making transportation in Menlo Park easy, safe and environmentally friendly.

Ecumenical Hunger Program (EHP) founder Nevida Butler speaks with Killen during the second half of the show. Her non-profit, located in East Palo Alto, helps families in need by providing them with emergency food assistance, household furnishings and connections to other services they might need. Along with food, EHP hands out blankets, bedding, clothing and everything else a family might need to be comfortable. As kids go back to school, EHP equips them with new school clothes and backpacks, to help set them up for success. Butler says EHP started out small, handing out leftover food, now it’s a well-established non-profit aligned with food banks. Find out more about EHP and how you can help by visiting their website.

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