Synapse School Science Projects

Menlo Park’s Synapse School has leveled up their group class presentation skills. Instead of making a presentation in front of the classroom, Synapse middle school students brought their lively brand of presentations to the Midpen Media Center for documentation on film. Making good use of the studio setting, students dressed in costumes, becoming anything from a scientist in a lab coat, a nature explorer in jungle hat and vest and even a robot in a boxy suit! Handmade props served as visual aids, sound effects, and hands-on STEM experiments helped students illustrate their concepts. The presentations were filmed as three shows, each with a unifying storyline concept like “Out of this World.” Individual group projects circled back to central themes featured in each episode. Find out how iteration and a gigantic Albino Burmese Ball Python are connected and much more in the Synapse episodes archived on YouTube.

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