Talking With Henrietta: Millennial Voters

By Eva Barrows

Three leaders of Stanford Women in Politics (SWIP) joined host Henrietta Burroughs on the latest episode of “Talking With Henrietta” to discuss politics. Current SWIP President, Azucena Marquez spent a few months assisting Syrian refugees with gaining job skills in France. Both co-founding members of SWIP, Shivani Pampati and Hattie Gawande interned with the Democratic National Committee in Washington D.C. The women bring their extensive knowledge of the political process to their on-campus organization.

Before the group formed in 2016, there was no community on campus to foster politically involved people. Luckily, SWIP was up and running during the last presidential election to provide much-needed space for Stanford students to discuss their opinions. The group facilitates professional, educational and community development events and activities for its 230 plus membership. Uniquely focused on women in politics, a main goal of the group is to provide support to members when obstacles arise.

Henrietta asks her guests what their feelings are on Millennial voters. The panelists agree that Millennials display a feeling of apathy and acknowledge that it’s hard to find the time to learn about politics. SWIP teaches effective discussion so that both sides of an issue can be voiced and listened to with hopes of coming to a learning experience. But problems arise when people disengage and walk away from meaningful discussion leading to no resolution.
The SWIP members tell Henrietta that overall young people do want to get involved in politics. They point out that the effect of the ballot box is especially apparent now when policy is changing so fast it’s hard to ignore. SWIP is focused on getting people to vote, inspiring candidates to run and channeling the energy they see in their members.

View the full discussion here.

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