Henrietta J. Burroughs, a local journalist, hosts this twice-a-month public affairs program, which focuses on local, state and national issues.

Henrietta’s current show is called, Top News Stories of 2018 – What Did the Year Leave Behind? Below is a show photo that was taken on the Talking with Henrietta television set after the show’s taping on Friday, January 10, 2019.

The above photo shows Henrietta, center, with her show guests, left to right, Sue Dremann, Gennady Sheyner and Jocelyn Dong.

Show description:
On this show, Henrietta and her guests discuss some of the major issues we faced locally and nationally in 2018 and the repercussions these issues might have locally in this new year. See more information about this show at www.epatoday.org/tv.html#topnewsstories.

This show can be seen on Comcast Channel 30 and on the Internet until January 26, 2019. Follow Talking with Henrietta on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/Talking-with-Henrietta.