Terrificates – Best Holiday Gift Ever – No Exaggeration!

Studio Workshop in action!

Best holiday gift ever?   No exaggeration?  Well, it depends on your point of view!  We know that the Media Center’s Terrificates – our new Holiday Gift Certificate program – might be the best option for some of the people in your world.

Here’s why:

Your loved one will learn a brand new skill in the exciting field of video production (and photography), fields that are always changing and evolving, in a socially constructive and supportive community that learns and grows together.  How about that?  I know you’re thinking, “how’s about that for a run-on sentence?”  But  let’s break that down.  We offer:

  • New Skills
  • Latest Trends
  • Social Excitement aka FUN
  • Social Support and Encouragement
  • Tangible Results!  A real production to point to!
  • A community that lasts and grow beyond class

Holiday Party at the Media Center – Two TV Studio
Grads Whooping It Up!

And the Terrificates are a $145.00 value now for only $130.00.  And each class is 15-20 hours long.   What is that  — $7.50 an hour roughly?  Wow!  More than that, our community of friends here is priceless.

Here’s what we’re offering specifically:

The TV Studio production workshop covers all the crew positions necessary to produce a TV show.  Students get to try on all the “hats!” At the end of this class the students will have produced a half hour TV show.

Zoom In is a 16 hour intensive video workshop that covers everything needed to create a digital video, edit it and upload it to Youtube and produce a DVD.  By the end of this class students will have produced a short video.

Zoom In Field Production on Location

Capturing the Moment with Digital Photography workshop is designed as a hands-on learning experience for the novice or growing photographer who wants to capture life’s fleeting memories and tell a story using photographs.  Learners in this workshop will study the attributes of an excellent “shot,” enjoy a field shoot and then craft the photos using Lightroom.

Workshops begin in January and run all year!  And beyond!

Contact dave@midpenmedia.org to stock up on Terrificates.

See ya in class?  These are classes like you’ve never known!

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