The Board Meeting: Budget Approval and Space Updates

We’ve been talking about updates to our building a lot recently, including new studio spaces, public computers with editing software, and the removal of our upstairs cubicles. We also have decorative updates we’ve not yet mentioned. Our signage is getting an update, with maps of the building being redesigned and office spaces featuring drawings of those they belong to. Our gallery wall features a new exhibit, and we’re connecting with other artists about adding more creative inspiration to our building. Plus, we’ve got new furniture coming: couches, chairs, and other items to ensure your comfort in our building and inspire your creative thinking.

You might be wondering, “how are these updates possible?”

In August, Executive Director/CEO Keri Stokstad met with the Board to discuss our budget plans. The meeting was a success as Board members voted to support Keri’s proposals.

We are honored to serve you and are so excited to spend our time and energy continuing to do what we do best: bring the Midpeninsula community together.

written by Evan Warren.