The Creative Awards – 4 Media Center Finalists!

MC Staff Jeff McGinnis and Lupita Segura flank Henrietta
Burroughs at the Creative Awards last Saturday

Media Center producers and staff were proud to be among the finalists in this year’s Creative Awards.  Jeff McGinnis and Lupita Segura represented the staff on the Red Carpet on January 18, 2014 at the California Theatre in San Jose.  The Creative Awards are sponsored by CreaTV, the Media Center’s sister station in San Jose.  The Creative Awards honor Bay Area Videomakers.

Among our finalists were:

Future Talk, Show #43 – 3D Printing, produced by Martin Wasserman and Greg Weinstein, in the category, “Bay Area Community Access TV Series, Non-Professional”.  This episode includes a studio demonstration as well as location footage from the Menlo Park TechShop and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  View this episode on the Future Talk Website.

Talking With Henrietta – Dealing with the Last Taboo, produced by Henrietta Burroughs, in the category of “Bay Area Community Access TV Series, Professional”.  This episode explores current thought surrounding dealing with and talking about death in an open and realistic framework.  See a clip from this episode on EPA Today’s youtube channel.

Carbon Neutral – PSA for the City of Palo Alto Utilities Department, Debra Katz producer, Category: Non-Profit PSA.  This PSA featured rap performed and orchestrated by YAC alumnus Sean Lee, lyrics by Debra Katz, with production assistance from Jarrod Hodgdon, Doug Kreitz, Scott Van Duyne and Becky Sanders.   View this PSA on the Zoom In youtube page.

Healthy Eating – PSA produced by the Magic Paint Box with Margaret Rex and Karen Adams, in the Producer category.  The PSA series features a huggable puppet critters with positive messages about food, self-images, bullying and the arts.  The series may be watched on the Magic Paint Box’s website.

As hard as it is for me to believe, our producers were not tapped for the ultimate award, but then I looked at the competition and believe you me, every one of the finalists could have, should have won a top billing.  So keeping that in mind, it’s a huge achievement to be the final five.

Jeff McGinnis, MC staff member, said that everyone “has to up their game” to be in the winner circles there.  The awards ceremony itself was a grand gala on a scale with the city of San Jose so the “quality of the finalists reflected that.”  Jeff had the opportunity to rub elbows with Ed Asner, who was there to receive the coveted Lee Weimers’ Community Media Champion Award.  Thank you Jeff and Lupita for reporting in!  And congratulations to all our finalists.  You have done us proud!

Hip Hop Entertainment at the Creative Awards

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