The Future of Community Media

Our area is famed as the birthplace of the computer and one of the jewels of our Silicon Valley region is the world-renowned Computer History Museum. We were honored to have its President and CEO, John C. Hollar, as our keynote speaker as we celebrated Midpen Media Center’s 25 years of community storytelling at our September 13th event: Mosaic – Telling your story brings the whole picture of our community together. We invite you to join the audience to hear John’s thoughts on the Future of Community Media. His gracious comments acknowledged the important role that Midpen Media Center plays in our community. 

His message grounded us in communications history and inspired us regarding the possibilities for our future and for the communities we serve.  We are grateful to John for giving us an historical context and a vision for our future.  John Hollar’s background is perfectly suited to speak to these issues.  HIs career spans global media production and exemplifies his longstanding passion for media and education.  He led the development behind the Computer History Museum’s major, permanent exhibition, Revolution: The First 2000 Years of Computing, a multi-platform history experience that has been described as the Valley’s answer to the Smithsonian.  John serves as Executive Producer and frequent host of Revolutionaries, a weekly series produced with KQED SF.  Before joining the Museum, he was President of Penguin Television and Pearson Broadband in London. He served as executive Vice President of the Public Broadcasting Service (PBS), where he founded and launched the award-winning, and a wide array of national education services, including PBS TeacherLine.  He has been the executive producer of more than 200 hours of documentary and children’s television.

In the future, we will share more about our 25-year community storytelling history including touching testimonials as we continue to celebrate!  Please accept our invitation to continue the journey alongside us and to shape the future of
community media!


written by Annie Folger

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