Are you a student who would like to explore working with the Mayor to create videos about the fair city of Palo Alto? Yiaway is looking for a few teens to work with – he would like to get them engaged and excited about the city’s infrastructure!  The Mayor believes that if young people understand how important the city’s infrastructure is, they can explain it to their parents, friends and neighbors and the whole town can get engaged.  And how many potential future mayors are there out there who just need a nudge to jump into civics?  Yiaway, a Gunn grad, was once a potential mayor and look at him now!  But seriously, many of our public buildings are in dire need of updating even to get them up to current earthquake safe standards.   When  young people understand the problems we are facing,  they will become part of the solution.  

The Media Center is acting as liaison for the Mayor, so if you are a middle or high school student who would like to get involved, please fill out this online application and we’ll get in touch.

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