The Media Center’s Photo Gallery – A Call for Your Photos

The Media Center is launching a centralized web-based Photo Gallery where you can browse dozens of photos that reflect the people, activities, creativity, and vitality of our wonderful community.

To make sure this is truly the Media Center’s Photo Gallery, we need YOUR PHOTOS to make this a complete and exciting collection that reflects how you see what’s happening – we’d like to use photos you’ve taken in the past (and those you will take in the future).

The Photo Gallery is to include photos from TV Studio production shots, Zoom In field activities, classes, social get-togethers – everything that captures what the Media Center is all about.

If you have any photos you’d like to see posted on this site, simply contact our volunteer Photo Site Coordinator, Doug Kreitz at:

Doug will work with you to get your photos posted into the Media Center’s Photo Gallery as quickly as possible.

Take a look at the photos we’ve collected already at the photo hosting site and imagine how great it will look with your photos as well!

If you would like to buy a photo, they are available for a nominal fee.  Proceeds benefit the Media Center’s non-profit operations.  If you have questions, please contact, Doug.   And hey, thank you Doug!

Scott works with Sooji and Gene in the last Zoom In class

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