FOUR important programs are coming live to you this weekend:

ONE NATION MARCH – Live Coverage From Washington DC – Saturday, Oct. 2, Channel 27, 9am -1 pm. 150+ organizations will “demand the change we voted for”: Putting America Back to Work, Quality and Affordable Education, Equality for All. A Big Agenda? We don’t think so, so we’re bringing it to you, courtesy of Free Speech TV.
JOE SIMITIAN’S TOWN HALL MEETING – Live from Palo Alto City Hall – Saturday, Oct. 2, Channel 26 – 10:30am-12:00pm. Joe’s our state senator and here’s your chance to run down there and comment or watch at home.
GENERAL CONFERENCE OF THE CHURCH OF JESUS CHRIST OF LATTER DAY SAINTS – Saturday & Sunday, Oct. 2&3, Channel 30, 9am-3pm. Twice a year we are happy to bring this conference live to our friends in the LDS community.
AND LIVE FROM THE MEDIA CENTER STUDIOS, OCTOBER 2 7:00 pm. We have five acts coming, all from local high schools: Surcoliso, Idea Machine, R.E.N., Thanks for Asking, Tricky Zipper! Come on down and join us. Or if you can’t make, it, watch it live off our facebook page and click on the “Ustream” tab. You can also find our Facebook Page from the front page of our website.


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