Time for the Annual Studio Cleaning!

After the last show before the Media Center closed for the winter holiday on Thursday 12/23, we had the daunting task of clearing everything, and I mean EVERYTHING out of the studio for the yearly cleaning of the hardwood floors in the building to keep our studio floor looking the way it does! I took the liberty of shooting some stills of the final product so you all could see this unique set up!
Everything is gone!


Staff eating area
The empty prop area!
View from Dave’s desk
Control Room
Main Hallway
Studio Lobby Outside Becky’s Office
Major thanks to Production Manager Karen Adams, and volunteers Brian Good, Eric Baker, Steve Hall and Jan Foy for sticking around to help with the major reshuffling of furniture!
Wishing everyone in the Media Center community a wonderful winter holiday, and a Happy New Year!
Wes Rapaport
MC Intern/Volunteer

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