Ukraine: A Message from Executive Director/CEO Keri Stokstad

Recent global events remind us to keep our values at the forefront of our actions. For me, it is to lead with kindness and empathy as one never knows what personal challenges others are facing. And to create a warm, inviting, creative space for those deeply passionate about Midpen Media and the critical role we have to foster communication for our community.

Since the early 90s, before Midpen Media had a functioning studio, we have been proactive in providing equipment and creating opportunities for our community members to connect and advocate for peace. Former Executive Director Annie Folger shared this in her written personal history of the organization. “When the 1st Gulf War w/ Iraq began, Elliott [Margolies] and I were the staff. We conducted our first live show, even though we had no studio. We jury-rigged a camcorder into the cable system and invited viewers to call in to share [their] feelings. The phone rang off the hook. A studio was born! The next day Elliot walked around his PA [Palo Alto] block and invited his neighbors to join us in the studio that night to talk.” One of many great conversations that captivated participants and viewers over the years resulted.

In continuing our proactive engagement legacy, we are ramping up production by providing staff, equipment, and studio time to create programs that inform and support critical issues like the attack on the citizens of Ukraine. Our first studio program is called “Support Ukraine,” and our volunteers and staff quickly came together to make the production happen. Staff member Asia Dubarenka successfully took on her first hosting role interviewing Jeannet Kiessling of Neighbors Abroad. We thank Mike Alexander, Jo Appogast, Pedro Arenas, Tom Clark, Asa Deggeller, Asia Dubarenka, Javier Jimenez, Ryan Mast, Kaela Noik, Emily Parent, Liubov Spitsyna, and Tom Upton for being available to help.

Building on the foundation of civic engagement established by our founders and creating an organization that adapts to meet the needs of our community is an essential part of Midpen Media’s vision. We will continue to provide program support every week and we’d love to hear your thoughts and ideas on how to continue to support our community. Please reach out to us on our Discord server, by email: or phone: 650-494-8686.