Utilities Advisory Commission

July 1st, 2015


Roll Call

Oral Communications

Approval of the Minutes

Approval of the Minutes of the Utilities Advisory Commission Special Meeting held on June 3, 2015

Agenda Review and Revisions

Reports from Commissioner Meetings/Events

Director of Utilities Report

Unfinished Business: None



New Business

1. Discussion of Results of Cost-Effectiveness Evaluation of Electrification Options for Appliances and Passenger Vehicles in Single Family Residential Homes



2. Staff Recommendation that the Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend that Council Review and Approve the Proposed Work Plan to Evaluate and Implement Greenhouse Gas Reduction Strategies by Reducing Natural Gas and Gasoline Use Through Electrification



3. Update on Spring 2015 Request for Proposal for Renewable Energy Projects



4. Selection of Potential Topic(s) for Discussion at Future UAC Meeting



5. Update and Discussion on Impacts of Statewide Drought on Water and Hydroelectric Supplies

Commissioner Comments

Next Scheduled Meeting: August 5, 2015


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