Utilities Advisory Commission – Special Meeting

August 28th, 2018


Roll Call 

Oral Communications


  1. Resilience Workshop #1: Define Resilience, Vision and Goals: Objective: Conduct a Joint UAC and Community Workshop to better understand community resilience goals, priority community assets, and resilience needs related to utility services. A. Introductions and Meeting Objectives B. Resilience Experts Panel: Regional Overview – Corinne Bartshire, Urban Areas Security Initiative (UASI) Economic Impacts – Josh Schellenberg, Nexant Integration Issues, Benson Joe, ABB Enterprise Software C. Community Risks and Resources for a Resilience Palo Alto. Palo Alto’s Threat and Disaster Identification and Risk Assessment – Kenneth Dueker, City of Palo Alto Office of Emergency Services The Comprehensive Plan and Water Resilience – Karla Dailey, CPAU Utilities Engineering Resiliency Efforts – Debra Lloyd, CPAU D. Resilience and Palo Alto HayWired (Video) Group Discussion: What does Resilience Mean to Palo Alto?




2. E. Small Group Exercise: What are the problems we need to address? In small groups discuss and rank which earthquake related vulnerabilities the Utility should prioritize in dedicating resources, funding, and staff. – People and Community – Critical Services – Built Environment – Economy – Natural Environment What are the top three priorities for the community? Report Back: Top Three Areas as a Focus/Priority for the Utility F.



Wrap Up and Next Steps


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