Utilities Advisory Commission

November 4th, 2020


Roll Call 

Agenda Review and Revisions

Oral Communications

Approval of the Minutes of the Utilities Advisory Commission Meeting held on October 7, 2020

General Manager of Utilities Report 




New Business

1. Staff Recommendation That the Utilities Advisory Commission Accept a Presentation on 2020 and 2021 State Legislation, and Recommend the City Council Affirm the Continuation of the Current Utilities Legislative Guidelines Through 2021.



2. Staff Recommendation That the Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend the City Council Approve the 2025 Base Resource Power Supply Contract for the Central Valley Project With Western Area Power Administration, to Preserve the City’s Options to Maintain, Terminate or Reduce its Allocation Until June 30, 2024.



3. Discussion of Electrification Cost and Staffing Impacts on the City of Palo Alto’s Electric and Gas Distribution Systems.



4. Discussion of Electric Vehicle Charger Needs Assessment to Reach 80% Electric Vehicle Discussion Penetration by 2030.




Next Scheduled Meeting: December 2, 2020


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