Utilities Advisory Commission

February 1st, 2023


Roll Call 

Agenda Review and Revisions

Oral Communications

Approval of Minutes

Approval of the Minutes of the Utilities Advisory Commission Meeting Held on December 7, 2022



General Manager of Utilities Report



New Business

1. Staff Recommend the Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend the City Council Approve and Authorize the City Manager or Their Designee to Execute a Third Phase Agreement With Northern California Power Agency for the Purchase of up to 87,600 Megawatt Hours per Year of Geothermal Energy From Calpine Corporation’s Geysers Power Company, LLC Over a Term of up to 12 Years for a Total Not to Exceed Amount of $76.2 Million



2. Discussion and Status Update on the One Water Plan



3. Staff Recommends the UAC Accept a Verbal Presentation on State Public Policy Actions and Recommend the City Council Approve the 2023 Utilities Legislative Guidelines 





Informational Utilities Quarterly Report Update for Q1 of FY2023


12-Month Rolling Calendar   Public Letter(s) to the UAC

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