Utilities Advisory Commission

July 1st, 2020


Roll Call 

Oral Communications

Approval of the Minutes of the Utilities Advisory Commission Meeting held on June 17, 2020

Agenda Review and Revisions

Reports from Commissioner Meetings/Events

General Manager of Utilities Report – Presentation

Commissioner Comments




New Business

1. Election of Officers



2. Discussion of the Demand Side Management Report for Fiscal Year 2019.



3. Discussion and Update on the Progress in Implementing Utility Customer Programs to Facilitate Electric Vehicle Adoption in Palo Alto.




4. Staff Recommendation That the Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend the City Council Amend the City’s Electric Supply Portfolio Carbon Neutral Plan and Electric Utility Reserves Management Practices.



5. Staff Recommendation That the Utilities Advisory Commission Recommend to Council on Whether to Direct Staff to Evaluate the Impact of Including Upstream Emissions and Using a 20-year Time Horizon for Global Warming Potential on the Community’s Carbon Emissions.



6. Discussion of the FY21 Council-Adopted Budget Overview



7. Selection of Potential Topic(s) for Discussion at Future UAC Meeting

Next Scheduled Meeting: August 5, 2020


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