Watch KPIX news clip of our sports camp

The Media Center Sports Camp for East Palo Alto youth garnered praise as the “Cool School” of the week on KPIX Channel 5 News.

Watch the video here!

2 thoughts on “Watch KPIX news clip of our sports camp

  1. Edwin

    Hi, I am interested in joniing your studio and possibly getting some personal training sessions. I was wondering what your rates would be if I decided to do say a 3 month program? I just want to get an idea of the cost. Thank you very much!

    1. Becky Sanders

      Hey Edwin
      How’s about coming to our bimonthly info session and studio tour. The next one is tomorrow night at 6 pm and it lasts an hour. Would that work for you. Generally you take a workshop and then you get the run of the house. Please come check us out. Thank you. – Becky


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