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2014 On-Demand Webcast Archives

February 1st, 2014


Item #1: Core Values Update
Last year after setting Priorities for 2013 (using a new approach and definition of priorities) Council requested that Core Values be established for the City. The City is still in the midst of the civic engagement outreach soliciting community suggestions.

Staff will present mid-stream results from Open City Hall, Smart Board comments from Libraries and other venues, and a short video from Jordan School journalism students on their community interviews.

B. ITEM #2

Item #2: 2014 Workplan and Our Palo Alto Initiative
Staff presentation and Council input on the 2014 work plan of key City projects and initiatives. In 30 days, the City Manager will provide Council with a “Master Calendar” of these projects and other anticipated items expected to come before Council during the year. This calendar will evolve and change but should provide a good planning document for the year and help manage issues and decision making. See Work Plan Draft Attachment A. Council is asked to review and be prepared to make suggestions (additions or deletions) to this list andcomment

Staff will also review the Our Palo Alto initiative and the implications and potential emergent demands this will place on Council and staff. See Attachment B, one page profile.

C. ITEMS #3 & #4

Item #3: Council Annual Priorities Setting (No more thanthree expected)

a. Process Foundation
b. Public Comment
c. Individual Nominees (Council Member Explanations)
d. Action: Final Grouping into Priorities and Vote and Approval

Priorities & Work Plan: Getting the Work Done
It is hoped that Priorities Setting and Work Plan review will inform a productive discussion about changes that could enhance Council meeting efficiency and decision output, given the ambitious agenda for 2014:

Item #4: Committees

a. Technology & Connected City: Action: Review Reappointment of the Committee. Schedule Staff updates to Council as part of 2014 Work Plan.

b. Rail Committee: Action: Consider Folding the committee work into Council for 2014. Cal Train EIR will be brought to full Council. Staff will monitor other items and bring to Council as needed.

c. Committee of the Whole: Action: Consider establishing a Committee of the Whole format for use a few times a year (quarterly?) for key emergent issues that could benefit from full Council discussion and potential action in a committee setting format.

Item #5: Council Meetings

a. Action: Approval of Resolution setting the 2014 Council Summer Break and Winter Closure.

b. Council Meeting Management: Action (possible): Council Members are asked to bring ideas to streamline meetings or get through more items. Preliminary decisions may be made (Action). Follow-up action at a subsequent Council meeting may be necessary. Attachment D


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