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2014 On-Demand Webcast Archives

February 10th, 2014


1. Measure E Update: The Energy/Compost Facility Request for Proposals (E/CF RFP) Identified Pricing for Privately-Funded Projects and Technologies to Jointly Handle Food Scraps, Yard Trimmings and Biosolids and Considered Processing at the Regional Water Quality Control Plant (RWQCP) and/or Using the 10-Acre Measure E Site as Well as Export Options. A Summary of the E/CF RFP Proposals, Integration with the Biosolids Facility Plan and a Proposed Organics Plan are Included in this Staff Report



Minutes Approval: January 6, 2014

Consent Calendar:

2. Approval of Contract with Standard Parking Corporation in the Amount of $120,000 for Operation of the Lot R Parking Garage Attendant Program and Adoption of a Budget Amendment Ordinance Amending the Fiscal Year 2014 University Avenue Parking Permit Fund Operating Budget to Provide Additional Appropriations of $120,000 (Staff request this item be continued to February 24, 2014)

3. Utilities Advisory Commission Recommendation that the Council of the City of Palo Alto Adopt a Resolution Determining that a Target for the City of Palo Alto Utilities to Procure Energy Storage Systems is Not Appropriate Due to Lack of Cost-effective Options

4. Approval of Nine On-Call Planning and Environmental Consulting Services Contracts for the Department of Planning and Community Environment to Support Current Planning, Special Projects, Advance Planning, and Environmental Review as Follows: Planning Services - 1) Dudek, 2) Arnold Mammarella, Architecture and Consulting, 3) The Planning Center/DC&E, 4) Metropolitan Planning Group; Environmental Services - 5) Dudek, 6) URS Corporation, 7) ICF International, 8) Turnstone Consulting, and 9) David J Powers & Associates in Amounts Not to Exceed $930,000

5. Staff Recommends that City Council Authorize the City Manager to Enter into an Agreement with the Peninsula Corridor Join Powers Board to Introduce the Caltrain Go Pass into the Civic Center Transportation Demand Management Program

6. Development Impact Fees: List of Public Facilities Capital Needs

7. Approval of a Contract With Spencon Construction, Inc. in The Amount of $2,170,412 for The FY 2014 Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter Repairs Project

8. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to Contract with MV Transportation to Extend the Term Until June 30, 2014 and Add $75,000 for Provision of Regular Shuttle Services for Crosstown Route and Additional Shuttle Service During the Construction of California Avenue Streetscape Project


9. Parking Supply Recommendations. Staff recommends that Council accept the Final Report on the Downtown Parking Garage Study and authorize staff to take the following actions aimed at increasing the parking supply in the University Avenue and California Avenue Business Districts: 1. Authorize staff to begin design and environmental review of a new parking garage (240 car capacity) on Lot G located on Gilman Avenue 2. Authorize staff to solicit qualification statements for public-private partnerships to increase parking supplies on at least one existing surface parking lot in the University Avenue area and one in the California Avenue Business District 3. Authorize staff to pursue planning grants and begin planning work for a new transit mall expansion with a 478-space parking garage on Urban Lane, in partnership with the property owner and the Joint Powers Authority 4. Authorize staff to begin design and environmental review of a 200-space satellite parking facility along Embarcadero Road - East of Geng Road-Faber Place and in the Bay Lands Athletic Center parking lot or a comparable alternate location(s), with supporting shuttle service to the University Avenue Business District 5. Authorize staff to expand parking permit sales to South of Forest Avenue (SOFA) Business District Employees at the Lot CC - Civic Center and Lot CW Cowper Street/Webster Street parking garages 6. Authorize staff to solicit proposals for the installation of parking garage access and revenue controls aimed at collecting "real time" data on parking lot and garage occupancy, introducing flexibility for transferable permits between employees, and to support payment options for downtown visitors who park longer than three hours.


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