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2014 On-Demand Webcast Archives

June 9th, 2014


2. Joint Meeting with the Architectural Review Board


3. Palo Alto Apps Challenge 2014 - Finalist Recognition


Minutes Approval: April 21, 2014


4. Request for Approval of Agreement No. C15154285 Between the Cityof Palo Alto and the Midpeninsula Community Media Center, Inc. for Cablecasting Services in the Amount of $125,000 Per Year for a Totalnot to Exceed $375,000 from July 1, 2014 Through June 30, 2017

5. Approval of a One - Year Extension of the Building Permit and the Option to Lease Agreement Between the City of Palo Alto and the PaloAlto History Museum for the Roth Building, 300 Homer Avenue

6. Utilities Advisory Commission Recommendation that the City Council Adopt a Resolution Terminating PaloAltoGreen's Full Needs Program for Residential Electric Customers and Reinstating the Full Needs Programfor Commercial and Master-Metered Multi-Family Electric Customers by Repealing Rate Schedule E-1-G and Amending Rate Schedules E-2-G,E-4-G, E-7-G, and E-18-G

7. Approval of a Three-Year Contract with Northwest Woodlands Services,Inc. in the Amount not to Exceed $552,950 for Trail Maintenance in the Baylands Nature Preserve, Pearson-Arastradero Preserve, Foothills Parkand Grounds Maintenance in Utility Reservoir Sites

8. Parks and Recreation Commission Recommendation to Adopt a Park Improvement Ordinance for Hopkins Park

9. Council Review of an Appeal of the Director of Planning and Community Environment's Decision Approving Architectural Review of the Demolition of Approximately 290,220 s.f. of Existing R&D/Office Space and Construction of 180 Dwelling Units Which Includes 68 Detached Single-Family Units and 112 Multi-Family Units Located at 1451-1601 California Avenue, as Part of the 2005 Mayfield Development Agreement. Environmental Assessment: City of Palo Alto/Stanford Development Agreement and Lease Project Environmental Impact Report (State Clearinghouse No. 2003082103).

10. Adoption of Ordinance Amending Section 22.04.270 By Adding Subsection 22.04.270(C) To Prohibit the Feeding of Wildlife And Feral Animals in Palo Alto Parks And Open Space Areas

11. Finance Committee Recommendation that Council Adopt a Resolution Approving the Fiscal Year 2015 Financial Plans and Reserve Management Policies for the Electric, Gas, Wastewater Collection and Water Utilities, With No Rate Increases Proposed for Fiscal Year 2015

12. Approve and Authorize the City Manager or his Designee to Execute Contract Amendment No. 2 to Contract C10135025 in the Amount of $336,172 with Alta Planning + Design, for Preliminary Design and Environmental Assessment Services for the Pedestrian & Bicycle Overpass at Highway 101 (CIP PE-11011)

13. Approval of Consent to Assignment of Power Purchase Agreement with Brannon Solar LLC to CRE-Kettleman Holdco LLC and Approval of Amended and Restated Power Purchase Agreement with EE Kettleman Land, LLC

14. Award of Contract with Ross McDonald Company, Inc., in the Amount of $606,913 for Custom Casework for the Rinconada Library (CIP PE-11000 and LB-11000)

15. Adoption of an Ordinance Authorizing the Operation, Management and Control of the Palo Alto Airport by the City of Palo Alto and Amending Section 2.08.190 of Chapter 2.08 of Title 2 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code to Add the Palo Alto Airport to the Duties of the Director of Public Works

16. Accept the Retiree Healthcare Plan GASB 45 Actuarial Valuation as of June 30, 2013 and Approve Full Funding of the Annual Required Contribution


17. Public Hearing - Assessment for California Avenue Area Parking Bonds - Plan G: FY 2014-2015; Adoption of a Resolution Confirming Engineer's Report and Assessment Roll, California Avenue Parking Project No. 92-13 (For Fiscal Year 2014-2015)


18. Review and Approval of the Revised Draft Infrastructure Project Funding Proposal (CONTINUED FROM JUNE 2, 2014)


19. Public Hearing: Adoption of Budget Amendment Ordinance for FY 2015, including Adoption of Operating and Capital Budgets and Municipal Fee Schedule; Adoption of five Resolutions, including: Adopting a Dark Fiber Rate Increase of 2.6% and Amending Utility Rate Schedules EDF-1 and EDF-2; Amending Utility Rate Schedule D-1 (Storm and Surface Water Drainage) to Increase Storm Drain Rates by 2.6 Percent Per Month Per Equivalent Residential Unit for Fiscal Year 2015; Amending the 2012-2013 Compensation Plan for Management and Professional Adopted by Resolution No. 9357 to Add One New Position and Change the Title of Two Positions; Amending the 2013-2015 Memorandum of Agreement Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Adopted by Resolution No. 9398 to Add One New Position and Correct the Salary of One Position; and Amending the Terms for the Utility Management Professional Association, Adopted by Resolution No. 9359 to Correct the Salary for One Position and Add Two New Position


Action Items:

20. City Manager Update and Possible Council Direction on Negotiations with PAUSD Regarding Cubberley Community Center and Ventura School (COUNCIL MAY CONSIDER THIS ITEM IN WHOLE OR PART IN CLOSED SESSION CONFERENCE WITH PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS)

Closed Session:

21. CONFERENCE WITH REAL PROPERTY NEGOTIATORS, CALIFORNIA GOVERNMENT CODE SECTION 54956.8Properties:Cubberley Community Center, 4000 Middlefield Road, Palo Alto 94306 (including 8 acres owned by the City of Palo Alto and remaining acres owned by the Palo Alto Unified School District); and Ventura School site, 3990 Ventura Court, Palo Alto 94306Agency Negotiators:James Keene, Lalo Perez, Joe Saccio, Hamid Ghaemmaghami, Greg Betts, Rob De Geus, Thomas Fehrenbach, Molly StumpNegotiating Parties:City of Palo Alto and Palo Alto Unified School DistrictUnder Negotiation:Lease and/or Purchase/Sale*Price and Terms of Payment*Purchase/sale is listed to comply with Brown Act legal requirements, and include various types of transactions including but not limited to easements, options, rights of first refusal and land exchanges.


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