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June 23rd, 2014


Closed Session:

1. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORSCity Designated Representatives: City Manager and his designeespursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations(James Keene, LaloPerez, Joe Saccio, Kathryn Shen, Dania Torres Wong, Eric Nickel,Catherine Capriles, Geo Blackshire, Melissa Tronquet, Mark Gregerson,Nancy Nagel, Molly Stump, Walter Rossman)Employee Organization: International Association of Fire Fighters(IAFF), Local 1319Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6(a)

2. CONFERENCE WITH LABOR NEGOTIATORSCity Designated Representatives: City Manager and his designeespursuant to Merit System Rules and Regulations (James Keene, LaloPerez, Melissa Tronquet, Joe Saccio, Molly Stump, Walter Rossman,Nancy Nagel, Dennis Burns, Mark Gregerson, Kathryn Shen, DaniaTorres Wong)Employee Organization: Palo Alto Police Officers Association (PAPOA)Authority: Government Code Section 54957.6(a)


Minutes Approval:
May 5, 2014
May 6, 014

Consent Calendar:

3. Award of Banking and Related Service Contracts to: (1 and 2) U.S.Bank and Their Wholly-Owned Subsidiary Elavon for General Bankingand Merchant Services, (3) Wells Fargo for Lockbox Service, (4)Commerce Bank for the New and Innovative Accounts Payable BillPayment Service, (5) Union Bank for Investment Safekeeping(Custodial) Service, and (6) JP Morgan Chase Bank for Purchase Card(P-Card) Service

4. Approval of a Five-year Contract with Questica Inc. For a Budget System at a Cost Not to Exceed $472,100 and a 10 percent Contingency Totaling $26,968

5. Council Direction to Remove Floor Area Ratios From the Draft California Avenue Area Concept Plan per the Council's Discussion ofMay 5, 2014

6. Approval and Authorization for the City Manager to Execute a Professional Services Agreement with Just Energy Resources LLC inthe Amount of $597,878 for Marketing and Program Management forthe PaloAltoGreen and PaloAltoGreen Gas Programs for a Term of up to Three Years

7. Adoption of a Resolution of Intent to Establish Utility Underground District No. 46 (Arastradero Rd/El Camino Real/ W. Charleston Rd) by Amending Section 12.16.020 of the Palo Alto Municipal Code

8. Approval of a Water Enterprise Fund Contract with DN Tanks, Inc. In aTotal Not to Exceed Amount of $1,534,842 for the Seismic Upgrade ofthe Boronda Reservoir Project WS-09000-501

9. Second Reading: Adoption of a Park Improvement Ordinance for Hopkins Park (First Reading: June 9, 2014 PASSED: 8-0 Scharff absent)

10. Approval of a Contract with Graham Contractors, Inc. in the Amount of$1,084,553, for the FY 2015 Preventive Maintenance Project, the 1stof 4 Contracts in the FY 2015 Street Maintenance Program Project (CIPPE-86070)

11. Approval of On-Call Surveying Consultant Contract with Sandis Civil Engineers Surveyors Planners for a Total of $150,000 for Surveyingand Design Support Services

12. Utilities Advisory Commission Recommendation that Council Adopt a Resolution Terminating the “Power from Local Ultra-clean Generation Incentive" Program and Repealing Utilities Gas Rate Schedule G-8(Gas for Electric Generation Service)

13. Approval of a Contract with Schaaf & Wheeler Consulting Civil Engineers In The Amount of $250,000 for Storm Drain Master Plan Update, Capital Improvement Program Project SD-15008

14. Approval of a Funding Agreement with the County of Santa Clara inthe Amount of $100,000 for Development of a Concept Plan Line forPossible Improvements to Page Mill Road from Oregon Expressway toI-280 and Adoption of a Budget Amendment Ordinance to Transfer$75,000 from the Stanford Research Park/El Camino Traffic ImpactFee Fund and $25,000 from the Citywide Traffic Impact Fee Fund toCIP PL-12000 for this purpose.

15. Authorization to Submit a Grant Funding Application to the FederalAviation Administration for Rehabilitation of the Runway and Taxiwaysat the Palo Alto Airport

16. Approval of Contract with MV Transportation in the Amount of$1,215,036.00 to Provide Community Shuttle Service on the ExistingCrosstown Shuttle Route and the East Palo Alto/Caltrain Shuttle Routefor up to Three Years; Approval of Funding Agreement with East PaloAlto and Adoption of a Budget Amendment Ordinance Amending theFiscal Year 2015 Operating Budget to Increase the Planning andCommunity Environment Department Appropriation by $221,239

17. Request to Issue Notice of Intent to Award 50 Year Lease to Avenidasfor 450 Bryant Street Site to Allow Continued Use of Building forSenior Services

18. Second Reading: Adoption of Ordinance Amending Section 22.04.270by Adding Subsection 22.04.270(C) to Prohibit the Feeding of Wildlifeand Feral Animals in Palo Alto Parks And Open Space Areas (FirstReading: June 9, 2014 PASSED: 8-0 Scharff absent)

19. Second Reading: Adoption of an Ordinance Authorizing the Operation,Management and Control of the Palo Alto Airport by the City of PaloAlto and Amending Section 2.08.190 of Chapter 2.08 of Title 2 of thePalo Alto Municipal Code to Add the Palo Alto Airport to the Duties ofthe Director of Public Works (First Reading: June 9, 2014 PASSED: 8-0 Scharff absent)

20. Approval of Amendment No. 8 with Group 4 Architecture, Inc., to Add$143,339 for a Total Contract Not to Exceed $8,998,570

21. Approval of Amendment No. 1 to On-Call Transportation ServiceAgreement - Contract C13147610 with TJKM Transportation Consultantin the Amount of $151,000

22. Rescission of Resolution 9415 and Adoption of Updated ResolutionCalling a Special Election to Modernize the TelecommunicationsProvision of the Utility Users Tax Ordinance, Eliminate the DiscountTax Rate for a Small Number of Commercial Customers Who Use LargeVolumes of Water, Gas and Electric Utilities and Reduce the TelephoneUUT Rate from 5% to 4.75%

23. Adoption of a Resolution Calling a Special Election for November 4,2014 and Submitting to the Electorate a Measure to Amend Article III,Section 2, of the Charter to Change the Number of Council MemberSeats from Nine to Seven Commencing January 1, 2019


24. Approval of One Contract and Two Contract Amendments: (1) ConstructionContract with Duininck, Inc. in the Amount of $8,987,809 for the Palo AltoGolf Course Reconfiguration Project, CIP PG-13003; (2) Change Order No.One with Duininck, Inc. in the Amount of $265,399, Reflecting Cost Savings;and (3) Amendment No. One to Contract C13148028 with Golf Group, Ltd. Inthe Amount of $456,693 for Construction Support and EnvironmentalMitigation Monitoring Services; Adoption of Two Resolutions: (4) AmendingResolution No. 9296, adopted November 13, 2013, to Extend StatutoryException for Soil Transfers by Truck on Oregon Expressway until December31, 2014; and (5) Adopt the Attached Resolution Declaring Intention toReimburse Expenditures from the Proceeds of Tax-Exempt Obligations (e.g.Certificates of Participation) for Not-To-Exceed Par Amount of $7 Million toFund a Portion of the Cost of the Palo Alto Municipal Golf CourseReconfiguration Project; and Adoption of Two Budget Amendment Ordinances:(6) In the Amount of $2,501,569 for Golf Course Reconfiguration ProjectPG-13003, Increasing Appropriations From $8,545,338 to $11,046,907; and(7) In the Amount of $324,800 in Revenues and $324,800 in Expenses toOperate Golf Course During July 1, 2014 – August 31, 2014


25. PUBLIC HEARING: City Council Review and Consideration of aProposed Reclassification from a Category 3 Historic Resource to aCategory 2 Historic Resource and an Architectural Review Applicationfor the Historic Rehabilitation Project Located at 261 Hamilton Avenuethat would Generate 15,000 Square Feet of Transferable DevelopmentRights for Off-Site Development. The Rehabilitation Project IncludesRenovations to the Existing Building And Relocation of Floor Area toMake A 5,910 Square Foot Addition at the Rear of the Building. Environmental Assessment: Exempt from the California Environmental Quality Act per Sections 15331 Historical Resource Rehabilitation and 15301 Existing Facilities


26. PUBLIC HEARING: Council Action Regarding an Appeal of the Directorof Planning and Community Environment's Decision Approving aProject on an Approximately 17-acre Site in the RP (AS2) ZoningDistrict located at 1451-1601 California Avenue, and Council Approvalof a Tentative Map to Subdivide Three Parcels Into 83 Parcels at theSame Site. The Proposal Would Authorize Demolition of Approximately290,220 Square Feet of Existing R&D/Office Space and Construction of180 Dwelling Units, Which Includes 68 Detached Single Family Unitsand 112 Multi-Family Units as Anticipated in the 2005 MayfieldDevelopment Agreement. Environmental Assessment: City of PaloAlto/Stanford Development Agreement and Lease ProjectEnvironmental Impact Report (State Clearinghouse No. 2003082103).


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