Meet the Media Center

    The Studio Experience

    Want to try being a crew member in a professionally equipped television studio?  Ideas for making your own show or film?  Want to help others make TV or videos? The Studio Experience is your ticket.  Sign up and show up, and you can expect to

    • Have a good time
    • Learn the rudiments of a production skill—camera, for example.
    • Help record a short show.
    • Nibble on refreshments (not at the same time as running a camera, please!)
    • Meet some of our staff and volunteers.
    • See our facilities, including the studio, video editing suites, and podcasting studio.
    • Learn about the classes we offer for adults and youth.

    We can’t turn you into an expert in one evening – we work miracles here, but not at that level – but you’ll get to find out if this is for you.

    Come and try it out!