WORLD AIDS DAY SPECIAL – Thursday December 1- Channel 28 – 7 pm

Producer Johanna Gereke hosts an inspiring television special tonight Thursday December 1 at 7 o’clock to highlight World AIDS Day.  The half hour program:  The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Children in Africa features a discussion about the impact of HIV/AIDS on the lives of children in Sub-Saharan Africa. Studio guests Amber Stime, Founder and Executive Director of African Cradle and Peter Laugharn, Executive Director of the Firelight Foundation each explore different ways their groups help children adjust when their lives have been affected by AIDS. Amber and Peter’s work includes not only children, but also their families and in some cases, adoptive parents. Short video clips from the documentary film Whose Children Are They Now? complement an engaging conversation about personal experiences, breaking down stigma and the hope for future generations.

To learn more about Stime’s work visit African Cradle, Inc. — providing adoption service for African orphans.  To learn more about Laugharn’s work visit  Firelight Foundation.

This World AIDS Day special program will be followed by Seeds of Hope: Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia at 7:30 pm.  This five film series was produced and directed by Dorothy Fadiman and explores recent efforts in Ethiopia to battle the stigma and break the silence surrounding HIV/AIDS and find innovative solutions to prevention and education.  Dorothy Fadiman has been making documentary films around social justice for 40 years through her Menlo Park-based production company, Concentric Media.

This 3-hour block of programming pre-empts regular programming on Channel 28 and provides an evening of reflection and acknowledgement that although HIV/AIDS is  still very much a deadly epidemic, transforming work is being done abroad by people in our own communities — whether they be non-profit leaders like Stime and Laugharn or investigative filmmakers like Fadiman.

Click here for additional playback times for The Impact of HIV/AIDS on Children in Africa.

Click here for additional playback times for Seeds of Hope: Meeting the Challenges of HIV/AIDS in Ethiopia.

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