“Yoga for Health and Joy” Shares the Benefits of Yoga

By Eva Barrows
“I love sharing the amazing powerful benefits of yoga,” says Certified Hatha Yoga Instructor, Patricia Becker. Her year-old Midpen show, “Yoga for Health and Joy,” is full of transformative and accessible poses, stretches and breathing exercises. She’s added the show to her healthy eating consultation and private yoga instruction business, Your Health and Joy to help more people feel better. Viewers that’ve found benefit from the show leave comments on YouTube and send Becker emails full of gratitude.

Like many Midpen producers in-training, Becker took the Media Center’s studio class . She learned the basics of how the studio works to produce a show. After taking a meeting with Midpen production staff, two weeks later, Becker’s yoga show was in the works. “Yoga for Health and Joy” is distributed to approximately 60 cable access channels across the country.

If you’re looking for a new yoga routine or just wanting to try yoga out, “Yoga for Health and Joy” is a great resource. A majority of the shows are half-hour long sessions that focus on a certain area of the body or theme. Start out with “Yoga for Beginners” or “Yoga at Your Desk.” More skilled episodes are also available like “Backbends for Flexibility.” Becker admits that people ask her how she’s able to bend over backwards so easily!

The meaning of yoga, Becker explains is “to yoke”, “to connect.” The two aspects of yoga practice are yoga breath and yoga poses that work together to make connections in the body. If you think you can’t do yoga, Becker wants you to think again. She says, “If you’re alive and you can breathe and maybe even smile, you can do yoga.” Yoga poses can be used to alleviate ailments caused by compaction. “If you can get that breath and expansion into the area of the body with the ailment, it can get freed up right away,” says Becker.

Becker’s other focus is teaching the importance of a healthy diet. She recommends eating mainly organic, local and whole foods. That diet, she says, “Creates healthy bones, healthy muscles and healthy joints. Then when you’re in yoga and you ask your body to move this way, or bend this way or stretch this way, then you can do it and it likes it.” Together yoga and diet have helped Becker in body, mind and spirit. She says, “I just feel freer, more mobile, more flexible and stronger.”

As you do the breath, stretches and poses along with an episode of “Yoga for Health and Joy,” Becker would like you to remember a quote from Albert Einstein, “Play is the highest form of research.” And one of her own, “Please play in your yoga practice as you research your body, your mind and your spirit.”

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