Yoga for Health and Joy

Use this alignment based Hatha yoga TV show to enjoy getting to know your body better and better.  Self-Care is your best Health Care.  Each episode has a different focus.  Create greater health and joy for the the body, mind, and spirit.

Health is your greatest wealth.

Yoga is a fabulous health tonic for people of any shape, size, or age.  As long as you can breathe and smile, you can do yoga by connecting to body and breath.  Combining breath awareness with stretching and strengthening your body is a fun and adventurous yoga opportunity.

I hope these programs will inspire you to take time and regularly practice yoga, to maintain vitality and a strong immune system.

Choose to practice along with me, uninterrupted or pause to repeat a pose that feels especially good, or to practice the alignment instructions again. 

Here’s a recent show that will give you an example that will get you hooked!


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