Greenlight 2014 Film Talent Release Forms

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We require all Greenlight 2014 film producers to obtain Talent Release consents from all individuals featured in their film.  


Please click the pdf below to download and then print out a Talent Release form for each individual featured in your film and obtain their permission and signature.  If the person in your film is under 18 years of age, you must obtain the permission and signature of one of their parents/guardians.


As producer, you are legally responsible for getting permission (also known as consent) from the people you feature in your film.  Doing so is also part of filmmaker industry standard ethics.


Common exceptions to this rule of obtaining consent:  (1) Shots that include individuals without showing their face or voice–maybe it’s their feet or hands, or the back of their head; (2) Crowd shots that are zoomed out enough that people’s faces are indistinguishable; (3) Shots that are short enough that an adult person’s face is not on the screen for very long.  These exceptions are guidelines and not official Greenlight policy.  Exceptions to the consent rule are controversial, and we recommend that you act on the safe side and get permission from all individuals in your film.


Greenlight 2014 TALENT RELEASE FORM pdf