Youth Media Corp

Youth Media Corp members tell stories. They tell truths, lies and everything in between. These stories are inspired by their own lives, those of their families and communities.

The Youth Media Corps (YMC) is a team of civically minded youth videographers who create stories about their community. These youth produced videos cover the topics of local politics, local service organizations and their issues and events, pop culture, and general youth interest. These media interns go through a series of classes and projects to deepen their skills in video production, critical thinking, community action, and collaboration. Training includes our Zoom-In field production training, television studio production and editing.

Youth Media Corp members meet once a week, with a goal of producing monthly video programming  that shows the richness, charm, diversity and complexity of their communities.  Students are also introduced to career opportunities in the media as well as receive service hours and possible school credit.

To learn more about becoming a Youth Media Corp Intern and to apply to the YMC, contact Jesse Norfleet:, (650) 494-8686 x28