Accolades for Annie – Local Governments Add Their Appreciation

Annie Ruben and Larry et al

EPA City Council acknowledges Annie at their January 17 meeting..

When anyone retires, a certain amount of ceremony is generally the protocol.  But in Annie Folger’s case, her fans demanded it.    So it has been no surprise that in the crush of this last month as Annie wraps up over three decades of service, that two counties, three cities and the Midpen Board passed resolutions to honor Annie Folger.
EPA Commendation

On Tuesday, January 17, the East Palo Alto City Council,  Mayor Larry Moody presiding, approved a proclamation recognizing Annie Folger for her “years of service to the citizens of East Palo Alto.“

A week later, on January 23, Annie was recognized by the Palo Alto City Council, Mayor Greg Scharff presiding, for her “years of dedication and outstanding public service.”

Menlo Park’s mayor Kirsten Keith signed a proclamation as well recognizing Annie for the “years of valued service to the City of Menlo Park community” and to “thank her for her commitment and service.”

Santa Clara County’s Joe Simitian (Fifth District) signed an official commendation  on behalf of the Board of Supervisors in honor of Annie Folger as “she retires after nearly three decades of service.”

On January 31, the County of San Mateo Board of Supervisors will resolve to commend Annie for her “years of excellent service, creativity and hard work.”

Palo Alto Mayor Greg Scharff presents the proclamation.

Palo Alto Mayor Greg Scharff presents the proclamation.


Not to be outdone, the Midpen Board voted unanimously to resolve that “we, the 2016 Media Center Board, and on behalf of the ‘Media Center Family’ of staff and volunteers and the Media Center’s myriad of viewers, that we are forever grateful for Annie Folger’s accomplishments and the devotion of her considerable talents in service to our community.




















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